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I recently did an interview with Dazed about my series Neon Dreams. You can view the full article here.


See Naples and Die is featured in the 4th issue of Haikure magazine, released at the 2018 Pitti Uomo. An absolute honour to be featured alongside two of my idols, Noboyushi Araki and Tom Wood.


Artist Sol Bailey-Barker shot at his studio for Volume 1 of Sculptorvox.


The opening of Vogue Italia's 'When Ethics meet Aesthetics' at the Leica Gallery Milan.


Musician Evelyn Drach shot for Artstein


I'll be exhibiting at the Leica Gallery Milan as part of the Vogue exhibition 'When Ethics meets Aesthetics'.

The exhibition kicks off Milan Photo Week on June 4th and will be open until June 26th.


See Naples and Die is featured in the May issue of Yorokobu


I did an interview with the French magazine Fisheye on my series See Naples and Die. You can read the full article here.


Gup Magazine did an article on my series See Naples and Die. You can view it in its entirety here.



It's Nice That recently did a feature on my series See Naples and Die. You can read the full article here.



For Issue 14 of After Nyne Magazine I was interviewed by Gabriella Sonabend, Gallery Director at The Gallery of Everything. We spoke in-depth about my practice, from its initial beginnings to my current project and future aspirations.

'There are a multitude of talented photojournalists capturing fringe communities around the world, but what gives Gregg's work an edge is its nuanced play with gender and cultural stereotypes. Gregg coerces his subjects into moments of surprising vulnerability and simultaneous empowerment creating images that are arresting and yet subtly complex.'


Rose McLaren, writer and artist, has written a wonderful foreword for The Vegetarian Festival.

'Sam Gregg’s photographs of the Vegetarian Festival are beautiful; on seeing them I was taken. At least this was my initial response to the centralized, spread fans of pattern and colour that they feature. Yet arrayed within these compositions are baroque displays of self-mutilation, portraits that pivot around a sliced tongue or bloom from the interior of an elaborately perforated cheek. This does the ocular equivalent of wrong-footing as it creates a schism in the viewing process between surface and interior; the arrangement is pleasing, what is arranged is not. And this is where the images become interesting to me.'

To read the full article click here.

The Koppel Project regularly puts on sale various prints from my Neon Dreams series. To keep up to date with these discounts just check the online shop.

The Koppel Project shop is up and running. Prints from my series Neon Dreams are now available to buy online. Please contact either myself or info@thekoppelproject.com if you wish to purchase a print that is currently not in store.

Recent Exhibition:

Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse

2nd June - 5th July 2016 at The Koppel Project

Featuring selected photographs from Neon Dreams.


I recently participated in a group discussion with Baroness Helena Kennedy at The Koppel Project. The discussion revolved around human rights and the current refugee crisis. I spoke about my time documenting the slums of Bangkok and the human rights of its inhabitants.


Below is a short documentary I made about the slums of Bangkok. It is shot from the front of a train making its daily dissection through the heart of the area. It features several interviews and audio clips and is designed to be a completely immersive experience. It was recently on display at The Koppel Project as part of the Refuse: Refuge: Refuse exhibition.

Artwork for Tamu Massif

Support a wonderfully talented artist and buy the EP here.








Neon Dreams for In Clover Magazine

Set Photography for the UK feature film Trafficker.