Sam Gregg (b. 1990) is a London born and based portrait and documentary photographer. With a particular interest in marginalised and dispossessed communities, Gregg's work is both immersive and removed, taking refuge within complex environments as a means of following narratives that reflect on his own culture.


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'There are a multitude of talented photographers capturing fringe communities around the world, but what gives Gregg's work an edge is its nuanced play with gender and cultural stereotypes. Gregg coerces his subjects into moments of surprising vulnerability and simultaneous empowerment creating images that are arresting and yet subtly complex.'

- Gabriella Sonabend, Curator & Artist (from Issue 14 of After Nyne Magazine)


Selected Clients / Interviews / Publications

After Nyne, booooooomFisheye, The Gallery of Everything, Dazed, GUP, Haikure Magazine, It's Nice That, In Clover, The Koppel Project, Leica,, TPI, Sculptorvox, Vision Magazine China, Vogue, Yorokobu

Upcoming Exhibition(s):

15th - 18th November - Photo Vogue Festival, ‘Embracing Diversity’ at BASE Milano

Past Exhibitions:

2018 - Vogue Italia, ‘When Ethics meets Aesthetics’, Leica Gallery Milan

2016 - Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse, The Koppel Project, London














  See Naples and Die,  2017

See Naples and Die, 2017